About H.E.R. Hub

H.E.R. Hub (Health, Education and Resources) is educational content created by NPWH to support WHNPs and their clients. The site captures the expert wisdom and advice of WHNPs and offers it to women in a convenient, one-stop, digital portal. H.E.R. Hub focuses on preventative, well-woman care, and the treatment of women’s health conditions. Our women’s health nurse practitioners bring a sensitive, qualified, and candid approach to topics that are often distorted by stigma or silenced by women’s own discomfort. H.E.R. Hub provides women patients with honest and accurate information, from a reliable source, in the privacy of their own homes. And it gives clinicians a helpful educational tool to complement their care.

About NPWH

As a national professional membership organization, NPWH is the nation's leading voice for courageous conversations about women's health. In our clinics and in our culture, women's health nurse practitioners champion state-of-the-science health care that holistically addresses the unique needs of women across their lifetimes. We elevate the health issues others overlook and compel attention on women's health from providers, policymakers, and researchers.