Health. Education. Resources. Hub

Content Creation and Review

Our goal is for H.E.R. Hub to be the premier resource for women to seek information about their health. It is designed to provide up-to-date information in an easy to understand format where women can learn about health and wellness as well as about common disorders. H.E.R. Hub emphasizes well woman visits, prevention or early detection of problems, and typical treatments.

To ensure quality, all information and materials on the site have been created by Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners (WHNPs) who are experts in the field, and peer-reviewed by the Educational Review Committee. Providers can confidently refer their patients to H.E.R. Hub for trusted information to support their clinical management decisions.

The board of directors of the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH) approved the creation of H.E.R. Hub, outlined the original topics to be included and created the processes to ensure quality. The Educational Review Committee is made up of practicing WHNPs who are members of the board of directors of NPWH. The Committee reviews the H.E.R. HUB educational materials for currency, accuracy, and consistency with established medical guidelines according to other nationally recognized medical and federal organizations (i.e. ACOG, CDC, USPSTF). Each topic is assigned a Subject Matter Expert for development. The Committee provides feedback at the onset of materials creation, after all materials are drafted, and before materials are finalized. Changes are made at their discretion.

These activities take place on an ongoing basis to ensure H.E.R. Hub is an accurate and useful tool for patients and providers, and helps to spark courageous conversations about women’s health in and outside of the exam room.